What are seasons?

As the years go by, the MCWO legacy has been kept alive and well by the current year leaders. Every year, each batch gets to handle a 'season' which is a period of time where they have to lead the whole orchestra, prepare for concerts, performances and competitions. Although our beloved seniors leave us each year, our music shall still echo gloriously throughout every hall we step in.

Season 20/21

Introducing the talented, tremendous and tenacious ten that will lead the season for the year 2020 to 2021. These lads are the ones that are currently leading and handling this organisation tirelessly and while giving it their all to make sure their efforts don't go to waste.

This has been quite the melancholic year for our season as the corona virus outbreak looms over our golden opportunities to join any concerts or competitions. In spite of that, our never ending burning spirit and passion for musical knowledge will not be tainted by negative mindsets.