Sir Ayen

Muhamad Hazrin Hj Ishak, Sir Ayen, the mastermind, band director, an ethusiastic conductor of The Malay College Wind Orchestra. Completed his studies in UiTM and holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Education (Hons), this maestro has gained knowledge from famous musicians such as Eric Lee, Janatte Poheng, Apivut Junt Minalai, Bob Thomas and many more. He also participated in various band director courses and multiple band clinics to enhance his knowledge in the field of music. With all the knowledge and experiences, the White Knights are thankful to this particular man that has put The Malay College Wind Orchestra at this level.

Cikgu Hazwan

Mohd Hazwan Bin Abdul Rahim a.k.a Encik Joy has been the teacher advisor of MCWO for 10 years. Without his help, the band wouldn't be where it stands now. Being the main backbone of the organisation, he has been through a lot of hardships and bittersweet memories with the MCWO since the day he began his career as a music teacher in the Malay College.