Making Hay While The Sun Shines

31 Dec 2020 - Being stuck in quarantine was no excuse for the MCWO for on December 31st, they participated in the Malaysia International Virtual Band Championships. Six talented students ranging from Form 2 to Form 4, were handpicked by Sir Hazrin to assemble a team to take part in the Mixed-Ensemble category. The team of six went through a great deal of work for weeks prior to the competition. Having no possible way of training together, staying states apart, the sheer effort that goes into the music is unfathomable. The music of choice was an edited version of the graceful song by Whitney Houston, "When You Believe". Putting on a killer performance, all those efforts were finally paid off as the MCWO achieved the Silver Award. This marks a great end to 2020. Moving into 2021, MCWO aspires to reach greater heights via consistent participation in various competitions such as this, making hay while the sun still shines and seizing every opportunity that comes along our way.